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Memories of Disney

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I recently went to Disney on Ice with my 8-year-old niece Elise and my sister Katherine. I thought it would be something fun for the three of us to do together so I gave Elise a ticket to the show for Christmas.

Normally, I don't enjoy doing things that might be deemed "girly" (i.e. I've refused to go to the Nutcracker), but I have a special place in my heart for Disney. My affection for Disney goes back to when I was 7-years-old and my family received an all-expenses trip to Disney World through the Sunshine Foundation of Canada. I remember this vacation (which was the first time I got to ride on a plane) being equal parts magical and scary (I cried on several rides, including Small World).

A photo in front of a Mickey Mouse image in Disney World
My brother Donovan and I in Disney World

My biggest take-away from Disney World was my obsession with the Little Mermaid. We went on this trip shortly after the movie was released and I remember getting a Sebastian stuffed animal and my prized possession when I was a kid: the Little Mermaid on VHS. I loved this movie so much that I watched it EVERY DAY for about 3 years straight and could recite the entire film.

My love for Disney movies made it easy for me to suggest going to Disney on Ice with my niece. The show brought back memories of the parades and shows we watched in Disney World. I was impressed with how well-produced ice show was. The costumes were well made and there were some cool effects. Overall, I was happy to have experienced this with my niece.

Disney on Ice in Toronto, Ontario
Disney on Ice

The Little Mermaid performance at Disney on Ice in Toronto, Ontario.
The Little Mermaid performance at Disney on Ice.


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