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Turkey Day with a Tablet

Happy Thanksgiving is typed on a cell phone in front of a background of pumpkins and leaves.

I was going to start this post upbeat and positive, but screw it, I can't. Thanksgiving (in Canada) is this weekend and I can't help but feel like it's going to be a rough one.

Like most things this year, Thanksgiving has been overtaken by the Coronavirus. A recent spike in cases in Ontario (particularly in Ottawa, the Region of Peel and of course, Toronto) has forced the Ontario government to announce added restrictions on these regions, including the closure of gyms and indoor dining. The government has also recommended that people congregate with people within their own households as much as possible. These new restrictions mean a lot of families are putting a halt on their large family gatherings.

In early September, Sean and I decided with our families that it would be safer to forego Thanksgiving plans this year and possibly go the virtual route. It's unconventional and sad, but what part of 2020 hasn't been? With the decision made, we decided to see if we could find a place that delivers Thanksgiving dinner for two people. Even if we can't see our families, we wanted to have something that resembles a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but I didn't want to cook it. We ended up settling with ordering a turkey dinner form Summerhill Market.

As much as I'm trying to stay positive during the pandemic, I'm allowing myself to be disappointed and sad that I can't see my family for Thanksgiving. It's okay to not be okay, especially during the holidays. My figuring is that wine and pie will get me through the holiday.

However you are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving this year, I wish you a happy and safe long weekend.


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