All Good Things Are Vintage

It seems like everyone is into anything that is considered vintage. Books, houseware, art, clothes, etc. If it's old and brings up memories, people are all over it. I've definitely become one of those people in the last year.

My favourite item? Vintage Pyrex. I love the colours and patterns. My mom still has an avocado green mixing bowl that is older than me that we used (and dropped multiple times without breaking) growing up. When I moved out my mom gave me her small yellow Pyrex bowl, which is totally scratched up but I love it because it is so well-made and at this point is so old that it has some history behind it. My love for Pyrex recently hit its peak with my slight obsession with Pyrex fridgies. They are cute and small and its shape and size is unlike other conventional storage containers.

My love for vintage Pyrex has led me to a couple of vintage markets that have popped up in Toronto, including the Toronto Antique & Vintage Market that is held in the Spring and Fall, and the Ontario Vintage Market which just kicked off during the May long weekend and happens every other Sunday until October 13.

I've attended the Spring and Fall Toronto & Vintage Markets, and most recently the Ontario Vintage Market with my friend Emma, whose love for vintage items surpasses mine. She even recently launched her own Etsy store called SnakeIslandFinds, which is a fantastic collection of vintage houseware items.

Our recent trip to the the Ontario Vintage Market at Evergreen Brickworks had a great variety of items. There were old vinyl records, clothing and cute houseware items, some furniture and nicknacks. They even had some Pyrex, but I didn't end up buying anything.

After speaking with a few of the vendors, it looks like the vendors will vary from week to week, which is great because I want to see what all the different shops have to offer.

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