Our Anniversary Dinner at Smith Brothers

Sirloin steak with garlic mashed potatoes and peppercorn cream sauce

Every year, for our anniversary, Sean and I celebrate by going out to a nice dinner. This year, we decided to go to Smith Brothers Steakhouse.

Typically, Sean and I go restaurants in downtown Toronto because it's closer to home, but this year we wanted to go somewhere different, so we decided to go to Smith Brothers in Scarborough. I went to the steakhouse a few months ago for my work's Christmas lunch and I loved it and knew Sean would too.

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated at one of the tables in the bar, which I initially didn't like because it felt like we were being kept away from the rest of the diners. As it turned out, the main dining room was packed with customers, so I didn't mind that we were seated at the bar.

House salad

Sean and I both decided to order the $35 three-course 7oz sirloin steak dinner. I got the house salad, sirloin steak topped with a peppercorn cream sauce with a side of garlic and cream mashed potatoes, and amber-spiked pralines & cream ice cream for dessert. Sean got a caesar salad, sirloin steak topped with a crumbled bacon & bourbon sauce with the garlic and cream mashed potatoes, and a mixed berry icebox cheesecake for dessert. We both loved every aspect of our meal and Sean said he really wants to go back to the restaurant. Our steaks were cooked perfectly and I even loved the salad, which was chopped lettuce with bacon, diced hard-boiled eggs, croutons and dijon mustard vinaigrette.

Despite the restaurant being busy, the service was quite good. I liked getting out of my downtown restaurant comfort zone and going to a great and affordable steakhouse.

Mixed berry icebox cheesecake

Sean and I celebrating our 16th anniversary

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