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Pogue Mahone

Fried chicken sandwich and caesar salad from Pogue Mahone in Toronto, Ontario
Crunchy chicken sandwich & caesar salad

Most people have a go-to, local restaurant they go to on a regular basis. One with a menu and dishes that never fail. Mine is Pogue Mahone.

When I started going to Pogue Mahone about a decade ago (not long after I moved into the area), it was a stereotypical Irish pub. In recent years, it has transformed into a gastropub: less dark and dingy, and way more hipster. In the summer months, it's one of my favourite spots to sit out on the patio and have a few drinks.

Even though the menu has changed multiple times in the last ten years, they have a few staples that I order regularly. My favourite is the fish & chips. The fish batter is crispy and light and the skin-on fries are perfectly seasoned and crispy. I also regularly order the chicken wings, which may sound boring because they are on EVERY pub/bar menu, but I love wings and Pogue Mahone switches up the sauces every once in a while. One of my other go-to items within the last few years is the crunchy chicken sandwich, which is a fried chicken sandwich topped with pickled jalapeno, a sweet and spicy pickle slaw and chipotle mayonnaise. The fried chicken is super crunchy and the entire sandwich is a combination of sour, salty and spicy. It's everything I want in a fried chicken sandwich. Also, if you're like me and love brunch, Pogue Mahone also serves brunch on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Menu items include eggs on avocado toast, french toast and my favourite - a $5 build your own caesar bar.

I love that I have a restaurant like Pogue Mahone that I can go to when I just want a quick dinner out. In all the years I've gone there, I don't think I've ever had a bad meal and (for the most part) the service is pretty good.

Fish & chips from Pogue Mahone in Toronto, Ontario.
Fish & chips

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