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Buh-Bye Summer

The Midway at the C.N.E.
The Midway

Nothing marks the end of the summer for me than the C.N.E. (the Canadian National Exhibition).

Growing up, my parents opted get family seasons passes for Canada's Wonderland each summer instead of taking us to the Ex, so I didn't really appreciate the annual fair until I moved to Toronto. Now, Sean (who went with his family every summer) and I make an effort to go at least once or twice every year.

One of the biggest draws for me is all the weird food that is the Ex offers. From deep fried butter and charcoal ice cream to the Krispy Kreme burger and cricket topped hot dogs. I'm not always game to eat these concoctions, but I'm definitely intrigued by them, which usually means Sean has to eat them.

The food at the Ex this year was slightly less insane than in previous years, but there was definitely a few themes. The biggest food trend was trend was pickles. Despite not wanting to try the pickle lemonade, we decided to share the pickle pizza, which was surprisingly better than we thought it would be.

Pickle pizza at the C.N.E.
Pickle Pizza

The other trend we noticed this year was the endless amount of bars.

Craft Beer & Wine Bar at the C.N.E.
Craft Beer & Wine Bar

Craft Taps at the C.N.E.
Craft Taps

Lots of bars.

The Piano Bar at the C.N.E.
the Home & Garden Piano Bar

The last few years, there have been exhibits at the C.N.E. like last year's Legends of the Silk Road Come to Light, which was back this year. This year, there was an exhibit of the 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic.

The 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic exhibit at the C.N.E.
The 50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic exhibit

After doing a lot of eating and a bit of shopping, another year at the C.N.E. is over. Despite the annual fair not holding my attention as well as it had in previous years, I'm sure there will be some fun things to check out next year. The one thing I wish they would bring back? The Food Network Stage.

Deep fried cheesecake curds from the C.N.E.
Deep fried cheesecake curds

The spicy chicken cone at the C.N.E.
The spicy chicken cone

The General Custard at the C.N.E.
The General Custard

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