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'Stackt' Up

Electric Femme clothing store
Electric Femme

I recently checked out Stackt, Toronto's newest marketplace totally comprised of shipping containers.

The formerly unused land on Bathurst Street (north of Front Street) is a 100, 000 square-foot "ever changing and evolving cultural marketplace." Each business that occupies a space at Stackt offers its own unique experience. The majority of the shipping containers consist of pop-up companies on short-term leases but there are a few businesses that have a permanent stall. I love this concept because it allows small businesses, who cannot afford a full-term lease on a bricks and mortar location, to start a company with less risk.

Stackt Toronto
Outdoor seating area at Stackt

I decided to go to Stackt after finding out that Crumbs - a Jamaican patty company who recently closed their shop on Yonge Street - was doing a pop-up. Sean and I checked out as many storefronts as possible and even had a few beers at Belgian Moon Brewery.

Belgian Moon Brewery at Stackt
Belgian Moon Brewery

Some of the coolest businesses at Stackt happen to have a permanent spot. I was totally intrigued by Jomo Studio, a company which not only sells concrete planters, coasters and other home decor, but they also host workshops where you can create your own items. This seems like the perfect activity with a group of friends.

Jomo Studio at Stackt Toronto
Jomo Studio

Succulents in concrete planters at Jomo Studio
Succulents in concrete planters at Jomo Studio

Like Jomo Studio, Mack House also has the whole DIY vibe happening. The company is a self-serve sneaker customizing studio. This means that you can change up that boring pair of running shoes you bought five years ago and give a completely different look.

Mack House at Stackt Toronto
Mack House

Customized shoes at Mack House at Stackt Toronto
Design your own shoes at Mack House

My favourite purchase from my first trip to Stackt was the hat I bought at Electric Femme. The fantastic clothing company caught my eye when I noticed the fun hats and jumpsuits through the door. Despite having a short-term lease at Stackt, the company is in the midst of opening an online store, which I can't wait to check out.

My hat from Electric Femme
My new hat from Electric Femme

I'm excited to see what new businesses will pop-up at Stackt in the coming months. Hopefully they will continue to be as unique as the existing companies and I'm crossing my fingers for a few more cool food options.

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