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French Macarons from Cluny Bistro.
French Macarons from Cluny Bistro at the Distillery District.

I thought that it is fitting to launch Ling on my 36th birthday.

Birthdays tend to be a time of reflection for people and this year is no different for me. I've spent the last few months leading up to my birthday looking back on my life and my experiences and realizing that after 36 years, I'm pretty comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and I'm confident enough to express my thoughts and opinions without feeling ashamed or scared to do so. Whether it was because of shy nature or my age, for a long time I felt like my opinions didn't matter because "what do I know? I'm young." The fact is, I do have life experiences, many of which the average person could never relate to. Being a 36 year-old Filipino woman with Spina Bifida gives me a unique perspective on life and rather than denying these traits like I used to, I've decided to embrace them.

My goal for this site is to talk about every aspect of my life, from stories of my childhood to what I'm doing on the weekend. No experience is off limits because experiences are what shape all of us. The only stipulation I'm putting on myself is that I will try to make sure all of my posts have a positive tone because there is already way too much negativity in the world and I don't want to add to it.

So, today, on my 36th birthday my wish for myself is to continue to reflect and learn from my experiences and enjoy all the aspects of my life.

Brunch with my family at Cluny Bistro
Celebrating my 36th birthday with my family at Cluny Bistro at the Distillery District.


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