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Burger Mania at Yonge & Dundas Square

I recently checked out Burger Mania at Yonge & Dundas Square, which saw twelve vendors dish out a variety of burgers to a hungry crowd.

John's Burger at Burger Mania
John's Burger

The burger fest included everything from lamb burgers to burgers with brisket, and even burgers topped with peanut butter. For those with dietary restrictions, there were vegetarian and gluten-free options as well.

GBB Smash Burger at Burger Mania
GBB Smash Burger

My favourite burger came from Newmarket-based Ground Burger Bar with their GBB Smash Burger. The relatively simple burger had old cheddar, onion, burnt butter mayonnaise, mustard and bread and butter pickles on perfectly seared, flat top smash burger. It was so good that I think I could have easily had three of four of these sliders.

The event served more than just burgers. There was tater tots from Get Your Own Taters food truck, cookies from Craig's Cookies, milkshakes from Holy Shakes and wine spritzers from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly.

Tater tots from Burger Mania
Tater tots with bacon, asiago cheese and green onions

Since I have an unhealthy obsession for tater tots, I had to buy some. I also got an Oreo milkshake from Holy Shakes, which hit the spot as the temperature started to rise.

Since there was no admission fee and it was located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, Burger Mania was the perfect event to kick off summer.

Oreo milkshake at Burger Mania
Oreo milkshake


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